High Performance Servoactuator - Linear Drive Roller Screw based Actuator


Key Product Features

  • Roller screw mounted inside a telescoping tube mechanism.
  • Designed to be compatible with a wide variety of standard motors.
  • Motor mounting and gearing configurations are available
    to meet nearly any application's requirements.
  • The standard product offering includes three
    frame sizes with strokes from 300 mm to 2,5 meter
  • Load rating up to 300 kN.
  • Speed up to 1m/s
  • Higher Load Capacity, Longer Life,
    Shoter Cycles compared to Ballscrew Technology
  • FT units will deliver up to 15X the working life
  • Sealed Housing prevents abrasive particles and other
    contaminants from entering the actuator's critical mechanisms.
  • Trouble-free operation even in the most severe environments.
  • FT Series actuators are provided with standard grease lubrication.
  • Provisions can be made for oil filled lubrication.

Linear Servoactuators - Performance Overview

ModelFlangeStrokeFmax FNvmaxm
FT3589152 .. 12193517,5150014 .. 30
FT60152305 .. 121918090100045 .. 86
FT80203305 .. 121935617887586 .. 187

High performance Linear Servo Actuaator - Dimensional Drawing