Ironcore-less Direct Drive Rotary Turn Table Drives


Rotary stage series ACD / ADR

  • Direct drive, zero cogging coreless motor
  • Encoder options: SINCOS or
  • for ACD: 81.920 or 819.200 cnts/rev
  • for ADR: 144.000 or 1.440.000 cnts/rev
  • Precise homing through index pulse
  • Fast response and settling
  • Smooth motion even at low speeds (low velocity ripple)

Direct Drive Rotary Turn Table - Ironless - Coreless Drives:

Series ACD / ADR is a small rotary stage using direct drive, brushless motor technology. It has a diameter size of at least 62 mm and a centre through hole. The motor design is coreless, giving smooth motion even at low speeds. It also gives a relatively high torque. The encoder is also of high resolution. Hall sensors are integrated, so low cost drivers (trapezoidal commutation, current mode) can be used. This product can replace rotary stages using worm gears with stepper or servo motors. In addition to improvements on speed an accuracy, the ACD/ADR series offers a more compact design.

Ironless Turn Table Drives Options:

Options: 4 Frame sizes : ACD 62, ACD 120, ACD 150, ADR 220

Height: ACD 62 (55 mm, 84 mm); ACD 120 (80 mm, 175 mm); ACD 150 (95 mm, 180 mm); ADR 220 (150 mm, 200 mm)

Encoder resolution : ACD (SINCOS 81.920-819.200 counts/rev); ADR (SINCOS 144.000-1.440.000 counts/rev)

Ironless Turn Table Drives ACD - Performance Parameters:

ModelUnitsACD 62-52ACD 62-84ACD 120-75ACD 120-175ACD 150-90ACD 150-180
Table diametermm6262120120150150
Continuous torqueNm0,140,412,3311,643,918,55
Peak torqueNm0,451,357,5537,7412,6663,6
Torque constantNm/A0,0450,1350,633,151,065,3
Back EMF constantV/rpm0,0050,0140,0660,3290,110,555
Continuous currentA333,73,73,73,5
Peak currentA101012121212
Rotor inertiakgcm20,17010,414910,23227,478
Number of poles-8812121212
Radial runoutum446688
Axial runoutum446688
Mechanical allowable speedrpm25002500952952816816
Rec, max speed at 24 VDCrpm1846113----
Rec, max speed at 48 VDCrpm25001811----
Rec, max speed at 150 VDCrpm2500250095251486-
Rec, max speed at 300 VDCrpm25002500952507816157
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Coreless Turn Table Drives ACD 64 - Dimensional Drawing:


Coreless Turn Table Drives ACD 120 - Dimensional Drawing:


Coreless Turn Table Drives ACD 150 - Dimensional Drawing:


Ironless Turn Table Drives ADR - Performance Parameters:

ModellADR 220-150ADR 220-200
Table diametermm220220
Table heightmm156206
Diameter hollow shaftmm6565
Continous torque (coil at 100 Celsia)Nm33,9867,95
Peak torqueNm101,93203,85
Torque constantNm/A7,5515,1
Continous currentA4,54,5
Peak currentA13,513,5
Rotor inertiakgcm2169260
Number of poles2424
Axial run-outmicrometer88
Radial run-outmicrometer88
Load capacitykg17,924,5
Max. operating speed at 300 VDC bus voltageWinding S1/min-1360180
-Winding P1/min-1720360
-Winding P2/min-11080540
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Coreless Turn Table Drives ADR 220 - Dimensional Drawing: