Linear motors - Ironcore Linear Permanent Magnet Motors

linear motors

Ironcore Linear Motor ACM Series Features:

  • Iron Core, Brushless Direct Drive Linear Motor
  • Iron core, direct drive brushless linear motors
  • Low cogging design
  • 4 models (ACM2, 3, 4, 5) with coil lengths from 200 mm to 704 mm
  • Maximum peak force of 10,500 N, maximum continuous force 7,300 N
  • High efficiency (high Km)
  • Integrated with Hall sensors
  • Integrated thermal protection
  • Serial/Paralel winding customization possible
    serial for high speed, paralel for high force
  • Customizable cable orientation and cable lenght


Ironcore Linear Motor Performance Table:

Continuous ForceN5391174168336293586586117117573514
Peak ForceN242416794456913878175717573514527010541
Motor ConstantN/(W)1/213182718252942456481115
Continous PowerW17254374148448874148208417
Peak PowerW3505258946641327396793667133518753749
Mag. Periodmm2020204242424242424242
Max. Temp.C130130130130130130130130130130130
Continous CurrentA2,12,12,15,310,65,310,65,310,610,610,6
Peak CurrentA1010101429142914292929
Force ConstantN/A25438332326161122122183366
Back EMF Const.V/ms-115,12649,6191936,636,673,273,2109,8219,6
Phase Induct.mH13,520,836,428143819763857114
Phase Resist.Ohm3,85,79,73,21,64,32,157,23,65,110,2
Attraction Mag. Force kN48082515750,751,51,452,92,95,88,717,4
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Ironcore Linear Motor Options:

ACM - IronCore