Rotary Slip Rings - Rotary Joint - Signal and Power transfer over rotary joint

slip rings


  • Voltage: 240 VDC / 240 VAC max
  • Cables: silver plated - PTFE insulation and color coded
  • 6A: AWG18; 2A: AWG26 or AWG28
  • Cable length: 300 mm. standard (other lengths on demand)
  • Dielectric strength: 500 VAC at 60 Hz
  • Insulation resistance: > 1000 MO / 500 Vcc
  • Noise: < 100 mO at 6 Vcc and 50 mA (at 5 rpm)
  • Nominal speed: 250 rpm (for higher speed
    up to 600 rpm/min please contact us)
  • Temperature: -20 Celsia to +80 Celsia
  • Bearings: miniature, precision ball bearings
  • Mounting method: standard flange
  • Contact: gold to gold
  • Rating life: 108 revolutions (depending on speed
    and on enviromental conditions)
  • Protection: IP 51
  • No lubrication required


Slip rings can be used in any electromechanical system requiring unrestrained, continuous rotation while transmitting power and/or data from a stationary to a rotating structure.

A slip ring is also called rotary electrical interface, collector, swivel or rotary joint.

slip ring principle

The SRH Series make use of a special technology allowing to get multiple contact points between brushes and ring, low friction torque, reduced mechanical noise and low wear.

Slip Rings can be used in any system requiring the transmission of electrical and/or power signals to an intermittently or continuously rotating shaft. Thanks to the small ring diameter, the SRC Series grants low peripheral speed between brushes and rings, as well as reduced dynamic imbalance what means very low wear. Moreover, the use of noble metals (gold to gold alloy) assures long lasting using life, reduced noises and interferences between circuits, low friction torque.

The above features make the SRC Series specially suited to transmission of critical signals, such as hi frequency signals (video, field buses, etc.), very low currents and voltages (strain gages, thermocouples, measuring equipment etc.), even if versions with up to 6A circuits are available.

Conceived to deliver a flexible, cost-effective, reliable and hi-quality solution, these units are available in many standard configurations and with 6 to 56 circuits. Their compact size allows installation into small systems thus requiring high performances. The SRC Series can easily meet the needs of particular applications and also be customised on demand (connectors, cables length, special cables, number of circuits, etc.).

(x) 2A   (x) 5A   (x) 6A   (x) 10A   (x) 14A   (x) 15A   (x) 20A   (x) 40A  

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Max Outer Diameter: mm
Min Inner Diameter: mm

Requested : . Total wires: 0. Current Capacity : 0A Found : Slip Rings.Length in the table is for IP51 version. Optional IP65 is 12mm longer.

Current levels order code :
P = 10A
P1 = 15A
P2 = 20A

Slip Rings - Rotary Joints application examples

slip rings
pdf Slip Rings Rotary Joint Application Examples

Special Slip Rings :

slip ringsslip ringsslip ringsslip ringsslip ringsslip ringsslip ringsslip ringsslip ringsslip ringsslip ringsslip ringsslip rings