Servo-Drive Rotary and Linear Drives and Technologies

Rotary Stepper Motors

Rotary Stepper Motors
NEMA 8 to NEMA 23 sized
Holding Torque 0,02-9,1 Nm
Accuracy 0,45 - 1,8 degrees
High Accuracy, Super Slim Line, Vacuum, IP67 Water Proof Stepper Motors
Integrated Stepper Motors
Various Integrated Options :
Stepper Motor
Stallguard Function - Detect Lost Steps
Stepper Motors Questions
Mechanical Options
Custom Winding
Custom Encoder
Principles, Microstepping
FAQ Questions:

Linear Stepper Motor Actuators

Stepper Motor based
Linear Actuators
NEMA 8 to NEMA 34
Force 5-3200 N
500 mm/s
Antibacklash patented linear bearing
Patented low friction and long life screw assembly
Long life axial ball bearings
Various screw leads (0,001-0,1mm/step)
Standard step angle 1,8 degrees
Maintenance free
Stepper Motor based
Linear Axis Drives
Force 60-900 N
Max Speed 500 mm/s
Max Stroke 1000mm
Straigh Linea Accuracy ±1,0mm/meter
Twist ±0,75degree/meter
Max Carriedge Shock Toque Mx, My, Mz 8,5Nm
Programmable Linear Stepper Motor Drive
Input Voltage +12 to +48 VDC
USB Communication
Graphic User Interface (GUI)
Automatic Detection of Motor parameters
No complicated mnemonic commands
8 Opto-Isolated Digital I/O
Single Compact Package - Controller, Driver, Step Motor Linear Actuator

Linear Stepper Control Electonics

Stepper Drivers
Bipolar Step Motor Driver
12 to 24 VDC
0,35-2,0 Amps
Selectable Current Reducing;
Stepper Controllers
Fully Programmable Ramps and Speeds
Software Hold and Move Currents
Stand Alone Operation (no PC/PLC required)
16 Programs in 4 kB Memory
Microstepping 2x - 256x
RS485 Communication
User Digital I/Os
Software for stepper motors control
Software for stepper motors control
Free download versions for WinXP a Vista
Drivers for convertor card USB RS485

AC Brushless Permanent Magnet Servomotors

High Performance
Brushless AC Servomotors
Wide Range AC Brushless Servomotors
Wide Rande of Torque: 0,1-800Nm, high speed versions up to 40 000rpm
NeFeB Permanent Magnets
Custom Feedback Devices
Customized Windings for
low voltage or high speed apps.
Direct Drive Torque Motors
Direct Drive Torque Motors
Torque up to 210Nm
Very low inertia high acceleration
High Rotary Drive Dynamic
High Accuracy Feedback System Integrated
Precize Roller Bearing
Precize Turn Table App.
Coreless Direct Drive Turn Table
Direct drive, zero cogging coreless motor
Encoder SINCOS
for ACD: 81.920 or 819.200 cnts/rev
for ADR: 144.000 or 1.440.000 cnts/rev
Precise homing through index pulse
Fast response and settling
Smooth motion even at low speeds (low velocity ripple)
Customized Servomotors
Custom Shaft, Flange Design
Hollow shaft: air, laser app
Holding brake
Precize Gearbox
Special Feedback device
(resolver, encoder, ..)
Endat, Hiperface Compatibility
Special Connector
Added cooling: fan, water.
High Rotary Speed Versions

Linear Actuators, Gears a Screw Jacks

Linear Servomotor based Actuators
AC brushless Servomotor with Integrated Inverted Roller Screw Mechanism
Feedback Device Integrated
Higher speeds than Ball Screw
Higher Efficiency
Shock Resistant
Force up to 110kN, speed up to 1m/s
High Power
Linear Servo Actuators
External Servomotor with Roller Screw Assembly
Higher speeds than Ball Screw
Higher Efficiency
Shock Resistant
Force up to 300kN, speed up to 1m/s

Linear Components - Linear Motors

Lead Screws
29 Degrees Acme thread
very high accuracy, repeatability, life, maximum load and efficiency
self-lubricating polyacetal precision rolled 303 stainless steel screw provides low drag torque and smooth operation
25 years of experience;
Ironcore Linear Motors
Iron Core, Brushless Motor
Direct drive brushless linear motors
low cogging design
Maximum peak force of 10,500 N
maximum continuous force 7379 N
Ironless Linear Motors
Ironless, Brushless Motor
Direct drive brushless linear motors
zero cogging
low moving mass and high force to mass ratio
suitable for high accelerations (10G or more) and high speed
also suitable for high precision applications with air bearings
Voice Coil
Circular Coil Actuators
Direct drive actuators with two terminals
Many models available with stroke from 5 mm to 30 mm
Zero backlash, zero hysteresis and zero cogging
Low coil mass with very fast response and high bandwidth
No contact between coil and core movement (no wear and tear)
Smooth motion at low speeds with limitless resolution (depends on feedback device)

Linear Axis - Complete Linear Motor Servo Drives

Single Axis Modules
Dual Guides Ironless Linear Axis Modules
Effective stroke from 200 mm to 2500 mm
High speed, high acceleration and high precision
Precision Rexroth linear guide with 2 Rexroth ball chain runner blocks
Optional bellow cover, standard cover or clean room shielded cover
Integrated with linear encoder, limit sensor and reference mark for homing
Suitable for carrying light load but strictly not for cantilever load
DGL SERIES Suitable for carrying high non-cantilever load or moderate cantilever load
Multiple Axis Modules
X-Y-Z Multiple Axis Modules
see Single Axis Modules
Global Metric Standards
Mounting Compatiblity
Voice Coil Modules
Miniature Guide Voice Coil Modules
Effective stroke from 13 mm to 28 mm
High acceleration and High quality Rexroth bearing
Integrated with linear encoder, limit sensor and reference mark for homing
Suitable for short stroke, light load, high oscillation applications

AC Servomotors Control Electronics - Servo Amplifiers - Servo Drives

Servo Control Electronics
Digital Servo Drives
230-400VAC, 330-560VDC BUS, up to 40 Amps
Integrated CAN-Interface with CANopen profile DSP402
Universal encoder interface for resolver, quadrature encoder, sine-cosine encoder, Hiperface and EnDat
Integrated safety functions including safe stop (EN 954-1 cat 3)
Active PFC stage, integrated EMC-filters
Various technology modules for ProfiBUS, Sercos,Ethernet, service and extended I/O
UL and cUL certification
Software for Servo Control
Setup any motor in minutes
Automatic detection of connected drive
Automatic motor phasing
Determines motor poles, winding resistance and inductance
Simultaneous indication of reference values and actual values
Offline parameter setting
Display of values in customer-specific units
Graphic display of structures
Extensive online help
Excellent navigation GUI
Context-sensitive windows
4 channel oscilloscope function
Loading and saving
System Control
PLC controller, LCD display visualisation, System Integration in Various Field Bus Systems
CanBus, ProfiBus, Ethernet Communication modules
Servo Drive Compatibility EnDat, Hiperface

Passive Components and other accessories

Rotary Slip Rings
Long Life, Gold plated Slip Rings
Transfer AC power and High frequency signals through a rotary junction
Power up to 100Amps and Signals up to 5Mhz, Max number wires 100
Cables, Connectors and other accessories
Professional High Flexible and High Life Time Cables
Rotatable Connectors a adjustable Connectors

Servo-Drive Drive Solutions Examples

Servo-Drive examples solutions
Huge galery of servo drives solutions