Servo-Drive ServoCommander configuration tool



Servo controllers should be set up as quickly
as possible. Servo-Drive ServoCommander is
a parameterizing program which allows fast
and user-friendly configuration of the drive
using a standard PC computer.


  • Easy configuration of all parameters
  • Clear display of operational parameters
  • Display of values in customer-specific units
  • Graphic display of structures
  • Extensive online help
  • Excellent navigation properties provided by graphic buttons
  • Context-sensitive windows
  • Use of Wizards
  • Multilingual


  • Automatic identification of the connected device
    servo positioning controller
  • Automatic guidance through the first commissioning
  • Automatic motor identification
  • 4 channel oscilloscope function
  • Simultaneous indication of reference and actual values
  • Offline parameter setting
  • Loading and saving of parameter sets

ServoCommander Software Download :

zip ARS2000 ServoCommander (Windows) - 39MB

Overview of functions :

Automatic Self Check
- you can run a drive in some minutes
without reading manual
- simple overview table lets you check
main parameters and avoid typical mistakes

Graphic visualisation
- picture and graphics overview helps user
learn the drive quickly
- central controler cascade allows to access
all drive parameters from one menu

Multilingual description
- all parameters are described in clear text
- online help function give you quick help
what to do in this menu

Servo-Drive Servocommander
- brings your drive to work as fast as possible.