Stepper Motors for Vacuum Environment 10-7Torr at 125°C

Step Motors for Vacuum

Sizes NEMA 11, 17, 23

Step Motor Families: 3709, 211, 4118, 5718

Vacuum Ratings up to 10-7Torr na 125°C

The vacuum rated motor comes in several different sizes, depending on your applications torque and speed requirements.

Stepper Motors for Vacuum Environment - Design

Stepper Motors for Vacuum Environment - Production

A customized cleaning process combined with a vacuum bake-out is used to encourage outgassing of residual contaminants. Vacuum lubricated Bearings are rated from -80°C to 204°C which translates to a maximum motor external body temperature of 125°C. Prior to being shipped, all motors are wrapped in a clean room cloth and sealed air-tight. Special handling and care must be taken once package has been opened. This also passes Class 10 clean room requirements.

Depending on your chamber size and vacuum pump rate, these motors should be able to reach up to 10-7Torr at 125°C. Motors were tested in a chamber size of 1 Liter at a pressure rate of 1 mL/mm. Please contact an Applications Engineer to first select the best motor for the job.

Stepper Motor Bearings for Vacuum and High Temperature Environment

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