Linear Stepper Drive Complete Rail System - Linear Stepper Motor Axis


Key Product Features

  • Stepper Motor Actuator integrated into a Complete Linear Stepper Motor Axis
  • "T" Slots integrated into exterior rail bottom and sides that accomodate
    full length support and various mounting options.
  • Load bearing carriage moves efficiently and smoothly within the
    internal rail geometry of this aluminum extrusion.
  • Rail provides end-to-end axial stability and precise motion
    system accuracy.
  • Automatic adjustments of slide bearing play with a
    patent pending "anti-backlash" linear bearing.
  • Rated life equals that of the long life
    leadscrews of similar size.

Performance Specifications

  • Max speed 500 mm/s
  • Max length of slide 1000 mm
  • Max Load Z axis 225 Newtons
  • Max hanging/gantry 225 Newtons
  • Straight line accuracy: +/- 1.0 mm / Meter
  • Twist: +/- 0.75 Degrees / Meter
  • Max moment about top dir. "Yaw" 8.5 Nm
  • Max moment about length of rail dir. "Roll" 8.5 Nm
  • Max moment about forward and back dir. "Pitch" 8.5 Nm

Stepper Motor Linear Lead Screw Axis - Dimensional Drawing


Request qoute for Linear Lead Screw Axis:

Stroke: mm       [up to 1000mm]

Motor Size:
Size 17 Single Stack ?
Size 17 High Resolution (0,9o; 1,5µ ) ?
Size 17 Double Stack ( High Speed ) ?

Lead Screw Nut:
N style - Standard no antibacklash
C style - Compression Style Anti Backlash Nut
W style - Wedge Style Anti Backlash Nut

No Grease - Teflon Coated Lead Screw
Rear Shaft for Encoder Mounting
Encoder E5S - no index pulse
Encoder E5S - with index pulse
Encoder E5D - no index pulse
Encoder E5D - with index pulse