Torque Motors - Direct Drive Servo Motors - Servodrive Torque Motors



  • High pole AC brushless synchronous torque motors
  • Up to 13 000 Nm peak torque
  • Water cooling and air cooling design version
  • Accurate positioning for precize rotary table
  • Integrated thermo sensors
  • High performance permanent magnets


Servodrive AC torque motors serie STR are high pole sychnronous servomotors. Its characteristical parameters makes this serie ideal for high accurate direct drives, for machine-tools and measuring machines. Stator ring is build-up out of high energy permanent magnets. The stator packet is made of cold rolled steel sheets and pressed together. There is an AC star connected winding in stator slots. The stator packet is pressed in to a alumunium cylinder. This cylinder have a machined water way for motor cooling.

Standard Servodrive torque motor is optimized for water cooling. There is machined a water way (cooling chanels) on the motor surface. Complete STR serie is based on water cooling design. All parameters shown here are for water cooled motors. For an applications, where water cooling is not possible, the motors can be optimized for air cooling. Air cooled motor has a smooth surface. Motor has to be attached (mounted) into some assemble so that the heat can be conducted out of motor. This machine surface has to be at least 3x higher that motor surface to maintain proper cooling conditions. Rated and continuous torque of air cooled motor is approximately 40 to 45% of water cooling rated and continuous torque. Peak torque of air cooled motor stays the same.

Torque Motors - Performance Parameters :

Motor TypeDmdiLmpolesMmaxMN-WATERMN-AIRmrequest qoute
-mmmmmm-NmNmNmkgrequest qoute
STR 1802220080110 .. 2102221045 .. 14020 .. 6313Request a Qoute
STR 30044330195110 .. 21044860185 .. 57083 .. 25729Request a Qoute
STR 42066450300110 .. 210661950465 .. 1485209 .. 66847Request a Qoute
STR 53088565420110 .. 210883400830 .. 2500374 .. 112556Request a Qoute
STR 660110700530110 .. 21011053001290 .. 3950581 .. 177891Request a Qoute
STR 770132810630110 .. 21013277001850 .. 5550833 .. 2498101Request a Qoute
STR 880154920750110 .. 210154103002200 .. 6800990 .. 3060130Request a Qoute
STR 10001761040870110 .. 210176132002900 .. 90001305 .. 4050145Request a Qoute

Dimensional drawing :


direct drive

Optional Water Cooled Torque Motor:

  • Nearly 2x times higher torque
  • Stainless steel welded cover with in an outlets for water
  • Testing in 1MPa water presure
  • Available on all motor sizes
  • Optionaly advanced ceramic coating protection for water channel available
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Direct Drive - Complete Drive with Bearing, Feedback device, Connectors, etc.

direct drive

Complete drive includes:

  • Integrated precize ball bearings and precize roller bearings - suitable for Turn Table Drives
  • High resolution feedback device - suitable for Turn Table Drives
  • Low Inertia - Very high accelerations and very fast positioning
  • Easy to mount Flange and Shaft Mounting
  • Plug and Play Standard Connectors
direct drive
MotorMmaxM0I0nnJrequest qoute
-NmNmArpmkgcm2request qoute
SDM 42F12,334,637417,8Request a Qoute
SDM 42H12,333,349107,8Request a Qoute
SDM 42I12,332,33817,8Request a Qoute
SDM 42L12,331,722127,8Request a Qoute
SDM 43F225,58,439049,63Request a Qoute
SDM 43H225,56,15229,63Request a Qoute
SDM 43I225,54,233509,63Request a Qoute
SDM 43L225,5323379,63Request a Qoute
SDM 44F30,47,811,9396311,4Request a Qoute
SDM 44H30,47,88,6505811,4Request a Qoute
SDM 44I30,47,86341811,4Request a Qoute
SDM 44L30,47,84,4245311,4Request a Qoute
SDM 44N307,83,2196511,4Request a Qoute
MotorMmaxM0I0nnJrequest qoute
-NmNmArpmkgcm2request qoute
SDM 52F215,28,1395923,23Request a Qoute
SDM 52K215,25,2448423,23Request a Qoute
SDM 52I215,23,9328523,23Request a Qoute
SDM 52L215,23239423,23Request a Qoute
SDM 53F401015,4404730,17Request a Qoute
SDM 53K40109,8451930,17Request a Qoute
SDM 53I40107,7348430,17Request a Qoute
SDM 53L40105,7253130,17Request a Qoute
SDM 54F5614,321,2395137,1Request a Qoute
SDM 54K5614,314454237,1Request a Qoute
SDM 54I5614,310,9351037,1Request a Qoute
SDM 54L 5614,38,1256437,1Request a Qoute
direct drive SDM

MotorMmaxM0I0nnJrequest qoute
-NmNmArpmkgcm2request qoute
STC11A68204,4795270Request a Qoute
STC11X68208,81771270Request a Qoute
STC12A105324,5490290Request a Qoute
STC12X105329,11066290Request a Qoute
STC13B140424,5356320Request a Qoute
STC13A140429,1785320Request a Qoute
STC14B174524,5274340Request a Qoute
STC14A174529617340Request a Qoute
STC15A210639,1504360Request a Qoute
STC15B210634,5218360Request a Qoute
MotorMmaxM0I0nnJrequest qoute
-NmNmArpmkgcm2request qoute
STC21C278833,71352800Request a Qoute
STC21B278837,43012800Request a Qoute
STC21A2788314,86512800Request a Qoute
STC22E4201263,7823000Request a Qoute
STC22C4201267,51943000Request a Qoute
STC22A420126154193000Request a Qoute
STC23M5631693,8553300Request a Qoute
STC23C5631697,51403300Request a Qoute
STC23B563169153073300Request a Qoute
STC24G7052123,8363500Request a Qoute
STC24D7052127,51083500Request a Qoute
STC24B70521215,12403500Request a Qoute
STC25E8552577,6863700Request a Qoute
STC25C85525715,21963700Request a Qoute
direct drive STC